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The SES, Single European Sky, is a set of measures aimed at meeting future needs in terms of aviation capacity and aviation safety. These measures are aimed at both the civil and military sectors and focus on regulation, economics, safety, security, the environment, technology and institutions. The aim is to put an end to an organisation of air traffic management which has barely evolved since the 1960s and which is largely responsible for today’s air traffic congestion.

This initiative is part of a four-pillar strategy aimed at improving the environmen

tal performance of aviation, increasing the capacity of European airspace, increasing efficiency and improving the safety of Europe’s airports, with the objective of ensuring optimal use of airspace that meets the requirements of all users, restructuring the European ATM system, evolving towards a more efficient air transport system, due to harmonisation and improvement in the provision of air navigation services, reducing the current fragmentation by creating so-called «functional airspace blocks» (FAB), based on operational requirements, in particular traffic flows, rather than on national borders.

Due to the topical situations taking place today, this cluster is being squeezed by different aeronautical sectors calling for an ambitious reform of the SES in order to adapt to the current times.

One of the topical issues recently discussed at the annual aviation summit was
COVID-19. As the diligent Europeans seek the partial withdrawal of all preventive measures in Europe (EU) and the re-establishment of connections with the USA and the UK.

They are therefore seeking to implement measures whereby EU countries must quickly restore the freedom of movement of citizens and implement the COVID-19 digital certificate system without additional restrictions.

On the other hand, reforming these measures with a view to decarbonising the aviation sector is another aim. Airspace reform is a short-term, low-cost solution to the climate crisis. According to the sources consulted, this reform could achieve some 80 tons of CO2 per year. In addition to the SES, another of the measures adopted at these summits is the use of sustainable fuels in aviation.

To find out more about the SES, please visit the European Commission’s website (Link EC) or contact with our employees.

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By Adrián Caro

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