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Military exercise TLP 2020-1

Military exercise TLP 2020-1 LECMUIR (IR), LECBUIR (IR), LECMFIR (IR), LECBFIR (IR) 17FEB-28FEB 1400-1700Z

General Information


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Estimated Period:
17/02/2020 00:00-28/02/2020 23:59
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Last Published:
11/02/2020 16:07

Description and Expected Benefits

Military exercise TLP 2020-1 will take place from 17 to 28 February 2020, weekend excluded. Madrid (LECM) and Barcelona (LECB) FIR/UIR affected.Expected Network impact is medium to high and will vary, depending on the weather condition. In case of thunderstorms and active CBs in the same region, the impact will be much higher.  From Málaga  LEMG -AGP / after meeting 13FEB  in the tower meeting room with enaire , all departure will be diverted to SVL point , so 13 movements arrival and only 4 movements departure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  some zones ZONE 1B - ZONE 1C , can be closed, so BAILEN departure will be closed.  
AIRAC AIP SUP 134/19, amended by NOTAM LE B0214/20 (attached as a Reference publication below). Exercise hours for each day are as described in the published NOTAMs, main exercise areas will be active 1400-1700 UTC every weekday. Exercise areas have been redesigned in comparison to the ones used in the past several years. The new design will have higher impact on air traffic in the region, affecting some flows far away from the exercise, mainly in French and Swiss airspace. For some city pairs, connectivity will be almost impossible; the most affected route will be internal Spain city pairs and routes between Spain and Morocco or Algeria. In case bad weather affects the route segments neighbouring the exercise areas, they will be explicitly closed via EAUP/EUUP. This will further penalize the affected civil traffic. The impact will be even higher in conjunction with strike in the French ACCs. Reduced/Cancelled area allocations and restriction activations could be promulgated via EAUP/EUUP. Refer to the latest EAUP/EUUP for the most up-to-date information.

STORM CIARA 09-10FEB   An important deep low pressure system (Storm CIARA) is centered to the North of British Isles bringing stormy conditions to NW Europe  (See attached summary) Sustained strong wind conditions are forecast for the British Isles, Northern France, Benelux, Denmark, Northern and Western Germany with gusts...


French national and ATC industrial actions on February 6th and 7th

- Due to a national inter-professional social movement relayed in ATC for the 6th of February, disturbances may impact French ATS, AIS and COM services from Wednesday 5th of February 1800 UTC to Friday 7th of February 0530 UTC. Refer to NOTAM F0150/20 - Due to another call for strike specific to French ATC for the 7th of February, disturbances may impact French ATS, AIS and COM services from Friday 7th of February 0530 UTC to Saturday   8th of February 0530 UTC.Refer to NOTAM F0151/20 A DSNA conference call will be organized in the beginning of next week for further details on these two calls for strike. NMOC Brussels

CoronaVirus information

CoronaVirus Information Iberosime   NM is continuously monitoring the situation related to the Novel CoronaVirus (nCoV-2019). EACCC is in close coordination with its State Focal points. Latest EACCC nCoV Factsheet (v. 1.7) is available on the NOP protected Headline News. The Factsheet will be regularly updated. We invite also all airspace users to check all relevant NOTAMs on the subject. Please see the latest NOTAMs in regards to the  Italian airspace  A0646/20 and A0661/20 Please also see the latest NOTAM from Israel A0347/20   nCoV EACC FASCTSHEET Please find attached the latest EACCC PANDEMICS 2019 Factsheet (v1.7) on the novel CoronaVirus NMOC Brussels

IBEROSIME FRENCH STRIKEEUROPE FLAG FRANCE   France - National strike from 23th January to 25th January As a consequence of an inter-professional social movement affecting the entire French public services and private sector, some local disturbances might impact French ATS, AIS and COM services. The ATC Industrial Action in France will take place from 1800 UTC on Thursday  23th of January until 0530 UTC on Saturday 25th of January. Please find the reference NOTAM F0097/20 NMOC Brussels

EASA IBEROSIME FS SL The following updated information has been provided by EASA for situational awareness: In the wake of recent events in the Middle East, an extraordinary meeting of the Integrated EU Aviation security Risk Assessment Group held on Friday January 10th, 2020 concerning the use of the airspace of Iran FIR Tehran (OIIX) as well as Iraq FIR Baghdad (ORBB), evaluated the impact on the security and safety of all types of commercial flight operations in the region . Available information from various sources has been reviewed as well as intelligence assessments from Member States and information from airlines and other relevant parties, so as to perform the most accurate assessment possible of the potential impact on civil traffic in the airspace of Iraq and Iran. On the basis of existing information on these events, including the crash of a Ukrainian passenger aircraft near Tehran on January 8th, the Integrated EU Aviation security Risk Assessment Group assessed that the risk of operations over Iraq is HIGH at all altitudes, and HIGH over Iran all altitudes. On that basis it is recommended as a precautionary measure that the overflight of Iraqi airspace should be avoided, as well as for the Iran airspace, until further notice. The Group came also to the conclusion that the situation in the region remains unstable and agreed to continue to monitor the situation to assess whether there is an increase or decrease of the risk for EU aircraft operators as a result of the evolution of the threat. Please take this information and any other relevant guidance into account in your own risk assessments. 11/01/2020 17:36


French/Italian Strike Conference - 13th Jan.

ITALY FLAG IBEROSIMEIBEROSIME FRENCH STRIKE NM will hold a conference on January 13th at 1430 UTC to discuss the upcoming French Social Movement, and Italian ATC strike.   Date of call: 13/01/2020 Time of call: 1430 UTC Expected duration: 60 minutes Topic: FRENCH AND ITALIAN ATC STRIKE Joining the Conference Call:   1. In the 10 minutes prior to the call start time, call the standard International Dial-In Number: +44 (0) 2071 928000 . 2. Provide the operator with the conference ID - 3860744 Helpful keypad commands: *0 - Operator assistance *6 - Self mute/unmute NMOC Brussels  

ATC Industrial Action in France on 9th of January

EUROPE FLAG FRANCEIBEROSIME FRENCH STRIKE As a consequence of an inter-professional social movement affecting the entire French public services and private sector, some local disturbances might impact French ATS, AIS and COM services. The ATC Industrial Action in France will take place from 1800 UTC on Wednesday 8th of    January until 0530 UTC on Friday 10th of January. Please find the reference NOTAM: F0015/20. The Aircraft operators are requested to reduce their scheduled flights from 0500 to 2300 UTC on 9th of January for Toulouse-Blagnac airport. See more information in the following NOTAM F0020/20. More detailed information in http://DSNADO.CANALBLOG.COM. The next DSNA conference is planned on Thursday January 9th at 0830 UTC. Call number : + 33 1 49 94 80 41 No access code needed. Please note that this conference is in French. NMOC is working at the Mitigation Plan and it will publish further updates, whenever available.   With reference to the French industrial action from 08-10 Jan 2020, NMOC will hold a teleconference on Wednesday 8th January at 1330 UTC. Details of the teleconference  are : Tel +44 (0) 2071 928000 Conf ID 8686606 NMOC Brussels

ATC Industrial action in France on 19th December and new DSNA teleconference NMOC have received an information  that the call for Industrial Action (that is active in French Public Service since December 5th) is relayed in ATC for local actions tomorrow. We are evaluating the risk of these local actions taking place and we take all the steps to mitigate the impact. The reference NOTAM has been published: F1968/19 The airlines are not asked to reduce their flights programs for Thursday December 19th. NM Mitigation plan can be found here. The next DSNA conference is planned on Thursday 19th of December at 1630 UTC (1730 LT). Please note that this conference is in French. Telephone: +33149948041 No code participant required.
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