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Iberosime FS has created a full training course for Flight Dispatcher/FOO flight operations officer in Malaga, based on DOC 7192 D-3 ICAO. The main duties of a Flight Dispatcher require technical knowledge and, for this reason, it is very important to be trained based on uniform requirements due to the high importance of the main duties of a Flight dispatcher. Here we can see some of these tasks:

–          Prepare the ATS flight plan

–          Check the notams, meteo…

–          Assist the pilot in command in flight preparation and provide the relevant information required

–          Slot coordination

–          Landing and overflight permit request

Therefore, the flight dispatcher is in charge of the flight before, during and after the flight.

If you are interested, the only requirements you need to become a Flight dispatcher are:

–          Minimum age of 20 years;

–          A functional knowledge of the English language;

–          Medical fitness for duty;

–          A Minimum educational level of successful completion of high school (10 year of schooling or more)

Our course, according to the DOC7192 D-3, contains the following 15 chapters:

1-      Training principles

2-      General Recommendations

3-      Civil air law and regulations (certifications of operators, the Chicago Convention, ICAO, the operations manual…)

4-      Aviation indoctrination (Aircraft systems, theory of flight and flight operations…)

5-      Aircraft mass (weight) and performance (Basic mass and speed limitations, take off, climb and landing requirements…)

6-      Navigation (ICAO chart requirements, positions and distance…)

7-      Air traffic management (Flight rules, ATC clearance, Controlled airspace…)

8-      Meteorology (General climatology, RVR, prognostic charts…)

9-      Mass (weight) and balance control (load planning, moments and balance…)

10-   Transport of dangerous goods by air (source documents, emergency procedures…)

11-   Flight planning (route selection, ETOPS…)

12-   Flight monitoring (Position reports, position of aircraft…)

13-   Communications-Radio (Elementary radio theory, radio navigation service…)

14-   Human factors (Awareness, DRM…)

15-   Segurity -Emergencies and abnormal situations (Security measures, emergency procedures…)

Course is 300 hours with practicase in Málaga. Certificate Space ATO from Civil Aviation Spain

Flight dispatcher operations course will increase your aptitude to know aviation.

FOO is one of the most important jobs in business aviation/Schedule flights ,


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